The Miqo'tea Room

Established in 2022, The Miqo'tea Room is the purr-fect place to unwind and relax after adventuring, battling, and crafting. Our tea room is great for those who enjoy socialising and roleplaying with our main focus in creating a calm atmosphere. We offer a unique environment fit for those of us who enjoy a little bit of peace, a place to make friends, and somewhere to

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Light, Alpha
Lavender Beds
Ward 21, Plot 21

Opening Times

Every Thursday & Sunday
16:00 - 21:00
Server Time





NAME vyreia sunPRONOUNS she/herROLE ownerSERVICES companionship, photography, tarotFOOD floral honey muffinABOUT hi! i'm a young miqo'te that just loves to take care of others and provide a safe and happy environment for those i cares about. i love to explore eorzea and find beautiful scenery to photograph before returning home to snuggle in a corner with a book. of course, sometimes, i can be found partaking in the odd bit of gambling (shhh) at my favourite clubs!EXTRA i promise this isn't a pyramid scheme ♥

NAME noftasmos moonPRONOUNS he/himROLE co-ownerSERVICES stock, serving, table bookings, plugin devFOOD stefano's quicheABOUT an optimistic and good looking cat boy, if you want food on the house just be flirty with me. i enjoy meeting new people and we can even become friends if you tip well (cha-ching). i'm always up for the task with my team by my side!EXTRA when I try to make dad jokes it always ends up in a catastrophe!ha.

NAME sage loxleyPRONOUNS she/herROLE co-ownerSERVICES bard, hostess, interior designFOOD hot chocolate, with extra chocolate ♥ABOUT just a very shy miqo'te girl with a love for music, interior design and all things artistic! although a little quiet, i'm very friendly and love meeting new people, so don't hesitate to give me a wave if you see me up on stage playing. oh also, dotes, pets and anything chocolate related will win my heart ♥EXTRA how does a cat sing scales? do-re-mew...i'll just show myself out.

NAME ryouiki nozarashiPRONOUNS he/himROLE supervisor, head serverSERVICES serving, table bookings, stand-up comedyFOOD chamomile tea, people don't even know yo....ABOUT a blessed server in a cursed body. As the full moon dances, so does it. but other than that, he enjoys tranquillity and peace during serving hours. regardless, he welcomes anyone and everyone!disclaimer: we do not use body parts for food!EXTRA what do you call a miqo'te that's been caught by the police?a purrperator.

NAME noi inikoPRONOUNS he/himROLE supervisor, head companionSERVICES companionship, companion bookingsFOOD floral honey muffin and vanilla ice creamABOUT hello dear reader! tis me, noi! a silly but very polite (i'd like to believe) miqo! i was raised in thavnair. i absolutely love sweets and hanging out with lovely people. i am constantly trying my best to give our customers a warm and joyful experience. (also i love pets so feel free to give me as many as you like. yes, you can even touch the ears!)EXTRA what kind of music do sophisticated frogs listen to? Hoppera!
you liked the joke? want another one?! okay! just for you!
what do you call a sad frog? unhoppy!~

NAME arachne argylePRONOUNS she/herROLE companionSERVICES companionship, crafterFOOD mulled chai teaABOUT i am dreamer in a dream world. feel free to chat me up anytime for a good conversation about anything, whether i am at work or not. i like to actually listen to you and be interested in you - but most and foremost i want to have a nice time at the café with any guest.EXTRA
- what can't wear a hat and soothes your skin? an aloe viera
- what did the unhappy guest complain about? they weren't feline good

NAME warcsi mcfluffPRONOUNS he/himROLE companionSERVICES companionshipFOOD miqo'te macadamia mango milktea (this item no longer exists oof)ABOUT i feel like i am being forced to introduce myself straight into thin air, not like i mind so here i go.i am warcsi.random questions start deep and ethical conversations.EXTRA my titles(self-given):
-collector of dice
-spender of money
-petter of dogs
-morbol prophet

NAME pieo spioPRONOUNS he/himROLE companionSERVICES companionship, lap sitting, lover of hugsFOOD if you get outta ma swamp when i tell ya to, i'll give you my favourite jubilee pie as a rewardABOUT would you like to be friends with this adorable little froggo? you wont find a more kind and caring amphibian! just please ask before you go ahead and pet me, not all of us like it as much as some others do.EXTRA be careful with mentioning heights when i'm around......its a sensitive subject.......

NAME peach puddingPRONOUNS she/herROLE culinarianSERVICES cooking delicious food, bardFOOD peach pie (if miss vy ever lets me add it to the menu ._.)ABOUT well hello! i'm peach, a bright bubbly bundle of joy! ♥ i help prepare all the delicious food for the café, and also play backup bard to miss sage! i embrace my small stature, so don't be afraid to pet me; i swear not all lalas are evil!(most of the time anyway)EXTRA what do you call a feline with a short haircut? a bob cat, of course.

NAME rosePRONOUNS she/herROLE server, advertiser, dad joke connoisseurSERVICES table seating and servingFOOD love northern milk teaaa - pls do not feed me hot coco, i will drink it happy and then get sick.ABOUT i love crafting and erm...i might be a hoarder on that. i am also craft mentor in-game due to this! also small wee bit co owner of a fc cause i have tendency of helping people. also how i sorta ended up here! i am easy to please with sweet food and cute things!EXTRA are you trash? cause i want to take you out! <- i think its sweet cause this miqo'te doesn't get taken out a lot unless it's a shooter game...-coughs-

NAME taki k'unPRONOUNS he/himROLE greeterSERVICES greeting guests, informationFOOD i am too simple so i like coffee : )ABOUT hmm..interesting..something about me. well, I am an avid stone collector : D I have collected over 1000 stones from all around eorzea. don't believe me? well, you will see me guarding the pond where i keep all the stones. i will give you a warm welcome if you come to see them :3 and have some coffee ♥EXTRA now I am lost what else to say. maybe through a poem?
i am a cute cat girl... "that's a lie"
i like to talk :3...... "never says hi"
i am always nice ^^.... "don't fall for it"
i love to give hugs.... "run away now quick"


Behaviour: Under no circumstances should there be any discriminatory language about or to any guests or staff.NSFW Content: Strictly no NSFW content in public chat; this is a SFW venue.Emotes: Turn your emote logs off whilst in and around the tea room.Tea Room Etiquette: As this is a place to relax and unwind, please leave all weapons and pets at home./Say: When chatting, please use /say as our staff will be using /shout and /yell for promotions.Dresscode: Please keep your pants on at all time, including shirts.Advertising: Please refrain from advertising in and around the tea room without prior consent from a host.

Job Postings


Nobody wants to enjoy cake alone, so why not become a companion for a guest? This is a unique role to the events community in which we supply time slots for people to vent or simply chat (OOC or RP) in whispers/party chat. This is not an ERP role, however topic themes may be mature with consent.
Duties Include:
• Taking companion bookings in 30min+ slots
• When not booked out, chat casually with guests and help the immersive environment

Server x2

Servers help keep the cogs turning at any café; we're looking for people who enjoy socialising, can improvise and 'riff' with customers.
Duties Include:
• Taking food & drink orders from tables
• Serving tables and taking payment
• Submitting payments (including tips which are to be shared evenly between staff) to a manager at the end of each night
• Letting the resident culinarian(s) know when stock is low

Pay & tips is split between all staff (excluding managers). All employees are entitled to a free meal and drink before or after their shift.p.s. you don't need to be a miqo'te ;)


Pre-Booking Prices

Bar Stool - seats 11,000g
Couple Table - seats 26,000g
Family Table - seats 410,000g
Couple Table - seats 26,000g
Flora Table - seats 312,000g
Family Table - seats 410,000g
Picnic Area - seats 816,000g
Balcony Couple Table - seats 2200,000g
Pillow Fort Couple Area - seats 2200,000g
Balcony Group Table - seats 4300,000g

How to book:
♦ Pop by our Discord and open a 'Bookings' ticket
♦ A member of staff will be in touch shortly
♦ We request a 10% deposit or full payment before the expected at least 12 hours before the time
♦ Deposits are non-refundable


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